Proof That We Were Made By A Creator (God), “A Question of Origins” (Completely Debunking/Destroying the Theory of Evolution):

If one watches this particular video with an open mind, then one will find that the proof is here that Evolution (Darwinism) is completely false. Being a believer of Creationism, one can believe in Creation and Science, because the Bible already provides details into our world (scientifically) before Scientists ever began experimenting with theories, &c.

For example:

Atomic Fission is mentioned in 2 Peter 3:10. Oceanic Currents are mentioned in Psalsm 8:8 and Isaiah 43:16. The Hydrologic Cycle is mentioned in Job 36:27 and Amos 9:6. The Jet Stream is mentioned in Ecclesiastes 1: 6, 7. Dinosaurs are versed in Job 40-41 and Psalms 74:14 and Innumerable Stars are versed in Jeremiah 33:22.

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