The brand new "d&a Gallery"

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Some of my work is going to be showcased at the d&a Gallery for Contemporary Photography in Tel Aviv, Israel in the not-so-distant future, and I am quite excited! It's such a Blessing, truly. Daniela Orvin contacted me a while ago in mentioning to me that she would be opening a gallery and that she wanted some of my work to be showcased. If it weren't for her, then none of this would exist. I seriously can't thank her enough. She is a wonderful photographer/artist and everyone should visit her Here and Here.


Steven said...

That's awesome news, Derrick! Your work SHOULD be in a gallery. Woot!

museum of fire said...

Congratulations my friend, to say but the very least! To see your works in such proximous confines would prompt bumps such that a goose would be most jealous.

Are there particular imagistic delights you have selected to be rendered fleshesque?

And many a blush and doffed cap for your kind words left in the dusty visitor's book in the Museum yonder, and for taking the tick and the tock to traverse its cobwebbed corridors. I know I should be spending a litle more time sprucing it up and keeping such balls aroll, but life will ever insist on overtaking our best intentions.

Your 'collaboration' morsel, if truly intended, seems set to nourish the thoughtbanks just in time for the weekend... once we find the kernel of its essence one can but only imagine what may bloom.

Apropos your exhibition: Hatzlacha Rabbah!!

SwanDiamondRose said...

congratulations :)

Jiffy Cat said...


Alyn said...

People should read this.