A Lapilli of Ideas, Part 1

-Go up to someone and inform them that you enjoy taking walks in the park, and that you especially love to go swinging at the park.
-Tell someone that they look brighter than the sun. Point to the sky with one hand while saying this.
-Go outside and take a beautiful leaf and bury it in the ground. Go back a week later and dig it up and see if it is still there. If it is there, cover it back up while humming your favorite tune. If it isn't there, hum a not-so-favorite tune.
-Go outside and praise the sky and all of Mother Nature. Hug a tree and tell it that you love it. Tell the tree that you will never carve someone else's name into it, because you love it more than anything. (Make certain not to say, "...more than just about anything.")
-Carry a stone to a particular location and drop it there. Go back home (or to another location far from the stone) and paint what you remember of this incident. If you don't have paint, draw what you remember.
-Put your feet together. Keep them that way for a few minutes. Think about nothing else except the way your flesh feels as they are joined. How warm. How cold.
-Buy a new diary, or a new notebook. On every page, write the word Boundary. Each time you write this word make it larger or smaller than the previous page. When you have filled every page, send the diary to someone you love.
-Walk around your home one time. The next time you walk around your home, pretend that you are flying and hold your arms out by your side as if to mimic the actions of an airplane.
-The next time you "hear" an airplane/jet fly over-head, call someone you love and explain to them, in fine detail, what you just heard, and where and what you were doing at the time of this event.
-Go into a forest during the Winter and ask the ground if it needs to be warmed by the breath of One-hundred human-beings. Write down the ground's response on a piece of paper when you get home.
-Paint a picture that reminds you of the word, "Idylls."
-Go up to a stranger and tell them how beautiful they are. When you go to sleep that night, recall their reactions (whether positive or negative) and write down the very next dream that you have.
-Take a picture of a picture being planted, and then plant that picture. Pay close attention.
-Write a story about flowers and how they will eventually change the world. Relate the flowers to humans, especially someone in particular (but don't recall their name). Read the story to someone after you find it to be completed.
-Tear a piece of paper into fourths and send each piece to someone you know.
-Open Blinds as fast as you are able, while letting them "drop" back down just as fast, if not faster, and recall, in the best detail possible, what you saw and heard (other than the sound of the Blinds). Write it down. Send it to someone anonymously.
-Recollect a strange childhood experience and write it down. Send it to a loved one.
-Play a piano to the worst of your ability. Record it. Send the recordings out to various people explaining to them, in a small note, the "newest piano music" you "recently discovered." No matter the reactions to the music, explain to them that it is a "Masterpiece."
-Walk outside naked one cold morning for a couple of seconds. Run back inside as fast as possible, slightly yelling.
-After reading a book, send the book, completely altered by you, to a loved one.
-Cut off pieces of your hair. Go outside and walk around the neighborhood (or the areascape) spreading the pieces of the hair throughout. If you don't have hair, then you can skip this. If you would rather not skip this, then for plan B: Cut off the brissels of a broom and spread them throughout the neighborhood (or the areascape).
-Invite someone over for dinner to your home, noting a specific time. When they arrive, ask them (perplexingly) what they are doing at your home. Mention the "God-awful Hour" jokingly.
-Sit on a bed in a room with one light on and imagine yourself floating in the Milky Way (your eyes should stay closed), imagining the light to be the sun.
-Stay Mute for as long as possible (preferrably all day).
-Whisper into a bottle and close it up as quickly as possible before the whisper drifts out. Send the bottle to a loved one with "Bottle of A Whisper" or "Bottle of Whispers" written on it. The location depends upon your own choosing.
-Select something that someone gave you and give it back to them by either (a) Handing it to them or (b) Mailing it to them.
-Play a game of chess with someone. Before starting the game, forfeit one of your pieces. If you do not know how to play chess, then alter a game that you do know how to play by completely changing the rules. Play it with someone. Video-record, if possible. Send the recording to a loved one, or send/give it to the person you played with a few months later.
-Buy a postcard. Spray the postcard with an aroma. Send the postcard to your own address. When it arrives, tear it up and mail the pieces to a loved one.
-Touch a loved one's wrist. Close your eyes and hum the beat of their pulse. The loved one should listen to your stomach, while they hum the sounds that they hear coming from your stomach. Start a band this way.
-Smell a loved one's hair and ask them if they have ever searched for a needle in a haystack. Respond with only "yes" or "no" if they ask you questions following your question.
-Randomly show up at a loved one's home. Tell them that you have come over to merely touch the walls inside of their home. Once inside (if they let you in), follow thru with these actions, not answering any questions that they (or anyone else) asks you until you have rubbed your hand across many, if not all, of the walls in their home. Afterwards, ask them if they would be interested in a cup of coffee "later."
-Write "Idea" on a piece of paper. Fold it up and leave it somewhere in public where the possibility of someone finding it is high. Continue this trend for several times that same day.
-Buy paintings and other arty items from thrift stores. Alter them. Cut and paste them all together. Send the finished product to a loved one.
-Open a dictionary with your eyes closed. Pin-point, with your finger, a place on the page. Open your eyes. Recall the word that your finger is either "on" or "pointing to." Write down the word on a small piece of paper. Hang the piece of paper from your ceiling. Do this several times, hanging them all from the ceiling so that you have quite a few. Spread them apart from one another so that they aren't jumbled together in one location. Invite people over to see them. Or, wait until someone asks about them. If they begin reading the hanging words on their own, and if they ask questions about them, only "smile" as your answer.


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