Yoko Ono's "Grapefruit"

Whether by cusp or bog, this book's significance is the lather at which can sugar-coat your temperamental getty-up (knowing that it hasn't "got up and went"): Beckett's “Gurgles of outflow" is only as suitable, in this case, being you like to charm your absurdist-sensibilities. Perhaps, even then (or not) you could burn it afterwards? (She says so.) It's a must-read, I say. This book will undoubtedly get your grapes a'prunin' and your creativity a'swoonin'. As far as myself, I could never burn it. If anything, I would gulp it down righteously with a cold glass of freshly-fetched Milk.


Jiffy Cat said...

Yoko gets a bum rap all the time. She's very talented.I forget where but I've seen a big show on her artwork and it was very good. Never read this so I'll have to check it out.

ailicec said...

Oh! I wish I can read this book but is not published in Argentina. I have to travel to get it!!

Jessica Smith said...