In regards to the existence of God, atheism, birth pains, prophecy and more:

The Gate of Heaven by Mark Lawrence

One is either a person that claims to have “experienced” God and states that atheism is false because of that particular experience, or one is a person that claims to have had no experience of God, but says that “theism” (which is the belief in God) is ‘false’ because of their lack of experience. Now, one has to really ponder that for a moment, because is the “lack of experience” an excellent way to form a world view? — and in regards to atheism: this is nothing more than ignorance. Atheism/Evolution is something that Satan created to help steer people from God’s word and the reality of God, because Satan knows that God is real and he trembles when he even hears the word “God” or “Jesus” or anything in regards to it. Excellent quote: “Atheists try to make belief in God seem like something just to help people cope, but it is the exact opposite! They deny God to help them cope with the coming judgment. If you reject the supernatural, do not be surprised when the supernatural rejects you.” Basically, atheists believe that “in the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing, until nothing exploded, and created everything. Then, the nothing that became everything magically rearranged itself for no reason into self-replicating complex life forms, that became intelligent beings that believed in God” — Makes enormous amounts of sense! (not). Satan believes his own lies (ouch), and is nothing more than a lying, cheating, evil presence in this world. However, the Word of God states that if we resist Satan, then he will flee from us! The bible states that if you seek God with the entirety of your being/existence (with an open mind and ready to learn), you will find him!

The following is a fabulous text that was written beautifully by a wonderful fellow on Youtube by the name of Shawn (a highly-knowledgable Christian), and someone asked him to explain “how” God has always ‘existed’ and this was his amazing response:

“Surely you can appreciate the difference between infinite, and eternal. Time may very well be infinite, but it can not be eternal. I will explain why. Eternal means without beginning, and without end. The implications of something being eternal is; it has always existed, and always will exist. Infinite means with beginning, but without end. The implications of something being infinite is; it began to exist, and then continues for infinity without end. Time can be infinite, but it can not be eternal, because time must have had a beginning, according to all forms of logic. We can go into this in depth if you wish. However, claiming God is infinite, but not eternal, is both heresy and illogical. The God of The Bible claims to be Eternal, without beginning or end. You asked where did God come from? Who created God? To be able to create something, you must exist inside of time. The act of creating itself is an act of time; something doesn’t exist, time passes, then it does. So it is an error placing God within time, because God exists outside of time. Time is a creation of God’s, and He is not restricted by it. In fact, you could say God exists without time, to be more accurate. Time is the measure of change, so that means God can not change, because He exists outside of time. This also means God can not be created, because creation is the result of time. If God exists outside of time, that means He always has existed, and always will exist. He is eternal, because timelessness dictates that no change is possible. However, scientists agree that before this universe, there was nothing. No matter, no time, no space. So the only way for ‘something’ to happen from a changeless, timeless reality, is for something to exist that is an uncaused cause, an unmovable mover, a creationless creator. God, never changing, always existing, created everything. There is no ‘before’ God, for God is the very Creator of the fabric of existence.”

I recently wrote and sent a letter (a message) to many, many people via email (some were family, some were friends, some were people that I had corresponded with years ago [gmail recognizing these things!] and some I do not know) and the letter was in regards to comments by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his proclaiming that Israel must be wiped off of the map and how these events are leading up to Ezekiel 38 (Ezekiel 37 has already been fulfilled) and many other things. Within four hours I received a kind response from Mia Moreno, which read:

Hi Derrick,

I read your message, and I appreciate being included in your mailing...
Also, I forwarded it to a few people who I care about, and included the following:

Hi there!

First of all, I’d like to say that this person Derrick, the fellow who sent me this email, is a fellow I have know through the net for going on about 4 years. He has always been very respectful and articulate, consistently communicating with me and others via visual medium juxtaposed with his words, based not only on his own imagery, but on the imagery and art from many mutual friends and colleagues. I have become familiar enough with him as a person to know that I respect him and his intelligence and have always felt he has important and relevant things to say.

Even if I am not into the Bible and it’s prophecies, something about this message which I just received brings fear into my heart, and suddenly I feel like I must share what I have just read with you.

Even if I have been floating around in the realm of my spirituality, my connection with God has not been severed, and I am still a believer.

One way or another, I think the following will be an interesting read. Feel free to pass it on. Awareness is strength, and can lead to peace.


This letter, of course, truly showed me how great the power of God is. I also received another two other emails which also mentioned my letter, which also filled me with joy. This was basically my response:

Now, to speak more in regards to the nucleus of my letter (prophecy), let me initially state that my message was most certainly not to “strike fear” into anyone’s hearts, nor to scare anyone! The reason why I say this is because God has already mapped out what is going to occur during these “last days” (which are truly shaping up precisely as is stated in the Bible!), so we, as Christians, can follow along with what is happening in the world today and see how it perfectly-aligns with the events that will be taking place and – not to make us FEAR or be FRIGHTENED by it – but to make us more EAGER for Christ’s return! God has it all in the palms of his hands, and he says not to worry about it whatsoever. Jesus is on the throne and everything will be alright! As said, the prophecies are there for us to become over-joyed by them (and not afraid of them!), because the quicker these things occur, the more we can see, know and realize that Christ’s return is right around the corner!

It’s interesting because many people will say, “Well, people have been saying that Jesus would be returning for 50+ years now!” or something to this effect (the objections are endless). However, at that time, the signs weren’t as supreme as they are now. At that time, say 50 years ago, there were “signs” (like wars [WWII had just passed if we’re speaking of the year 1949 here] and rumors of wars, which still exist today) and all of those signs were fulfilled. However, if one looks at today’s world, one can just ‘sense’ that there is something about to happen; that there is something that is about to take place! If one is familiar with the Bible speaking about how there will be a “one world government” (“new world order”) taking place in the ‘last days,’ this has already come to fruition, because it wasn’t long ago that Obama and others tossed this into the air (something of which will eventually occur). If you look at the American Military service, it is basically being used as a tool for globalists to force an international world government. This is just one of many signs that point towards the return of Christ, and I’m not afraid whatsoever, because God has it all in the palms of his hands, so why even worry? If one knows that they will be raptured up during that time, then I say, “Bring it on!” – take me away from this chaos, this sin-filled world! Just think, once you get to heaven, you will have a “glorified body” and you will be free of worry, frustration, pains of every dimension, heartache, confusion, loss of all kinds, &c., &c. ... and I say the quicker it happens, the better!

Also, in regards to the sudden outbreak of “swine flu,” this is yet another example of the “birth pains” that the world is going through at the moment, and is another “sign” that one cannot ignore, which also fits with bible prophecy. This article speaks brilliantly about swine flu and bible prophecy ... Here.

Notice what it says there at the end:

There is reason to anticipate even more serious pandemics in the future.

God has promised blessings, including protection, for those who love and obey Him. But Bible prophecy predicts eventual punishment for nations that turn their backs on God and His Word—a trend that is becoming all too common in our modern society.

Those divine punishments for not keeping “all the words of this law that are written in this book” will include “extraordinary plagues—great and prolonged plagues—and serious and prolonged sicknesses” (Deuteronomy 28:58-59).

But the most important thing you can do is to have faith in God and rely on Him to be your Protector and Savior. Consider the reassuring words of Psalm 91 that describe how God is able to protect those who obey Him from the heart in all circumstances:

“Surely He shall deliver you...from the perilous pestilence… You shall not be afraid...of the pestilence... A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you… No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling” (Psalm 91:3-10).

R.A. Torrey

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