Sol Seppy (my new love)

Sophie Michalitsianos, as Sol Seppy

The Bells of 1 2
is a must-have album. Sol Seppy is my newest addiction. I feel like we know one another. And, well, even in the womb, we are intimately tied to another being, so perhaps we’re merely dancing in the dark in neon red tights.


Anonymous said...

i've looked far and wide for this, on the internet, for the last five minutes.

i cannot find it.

Derrick said...

It's nothing obscure. It can be found on Amazon and a variety of other places.

By now -- an hour and 24 minutes later -- you have probably already found this information out.

In any event, Hi, and thank you for commenting!

Steve said...

This is my favourite listen at the moment, fantastic dream like wafting voice and lyrics and well accompanied by a varied arrangement. Many similarities with Mazzy Star.