Millions of Americans share this nagging problem, but many, wrongly, are too embarrassed and humiliated to admit it. We can't cure death yet, but we can make it something other than a dirty word by talking openly about it and not being afraid to look for its symptoms. Be honest: Do any of these Five Warning Signals of Death apply to you?

{1} Your scarlet silk handkerchief was ripped in half by a ninja-knife.
{2} You are freezing cold.
{3} You have loved ones who are fighting over your belongings.
{4} You don't hate Bush anymore.
{5} You haven't washed your dishes in three weeks.


Camera On Policeman’s Revolver Snaps Evidence

"ATTACHED to the barrel of a service revolver, a compact motion picture camera enables a policeman to take action pictures of any person at whom the revolver is aimed. The pictures thus obtained can be presented as evidence at court.

The motion picture camera is triangular in shape and is attached under the barrel of the revolver by means of metal clamps. The lens is directly in line with, and under, the revolver muzzle. The camera is set in action by a slight pressure on the revolver trigger, independent of the firing of the weapon. Due to the compact size of the gun camera device, only a small roll of film can be accommodated at one loading."

Torpedoed, like the Lusitania in 1915. Far ahead of their time? Now the cameras are on the dash-board, which somewhat takes the fun out of the "snapping revolver," I think.


depassagem said...

Your texts are just the same as the photos!

and you made me laugh with this post... love how not seriously you take subjects, at the same time being serious about them.

chevalierem said...

this reminds me of some photo portraits i saw recently - you may have heard of this - the faces of the people portrayed all showed surprize, shock, bewilderment, some laughed etc. and the explanation was the following: the sitter enters the studio and an assistant sets up the camera, prepares the pose and then, from behind a screen, the photographer comes out, completely naked, and snaps the picture...it would be really interesting to compare these pictures to the ones taken by the policeman pointing a gun/camera...it could add (or subtract)something to the theory that assimilates some aspects of sex and death...
great blog
erik ( p.snyper on flickr)