The Loved One (1965)

"Liberace as Mr. Starker"

I gulped down sweetened tea while this film play'd on the television set while my uncle read about "Classics Illustrated" comics from the 1940's, but only for the first few minutes.

A gargantuan Black-comedy (may very-well be the darkest comedy of all-time), weirdly penetrable, but it'll make your tea-cup fall apart; and believe me, this isn't Beauty and The Beast. I've been captivated many times, and he[a]re, he[a]re! (This isn't the "House of Commons" by any means!), how could one ever forget the bizarre exhuberance of Mr. Joyboy who rocked the isotope of all of this cinematic uneasiness (without "clear danger") and his screaming-for-food Mother who gets excited while watching television commercials about food (Timed perfectly on each station, on-the-dot, directly and haphazardly grotesque and comically-unwobbling!) - My ear-to-ear monitor was at it's Maximum height.

Momma's little Joyboy got lobster, lobster, Momma's little Joyboy got lobster
for Mom!

Memorable quote after memorable quote. Tickle-me-pink, like:

"I'm saving up for Mom's big tub."

"The foot curls a bit you know, when rigmo sets in"

"Not merely waterproof, nor moisture proof Mr Barlow, But DAMPNESS proof"

"Rayon chafes you know"

"The police here have developed new methods of dealing with hooligans
like you. Dogs and Cattle Prods."

"You think everything is silly! This house is silly! I'm silly! The
President's silly!"

And, the mastics continues:

They told me Francis Hinsley,
They told me you were hung,
With red protruding eyeballs
And black protruding tongue.

I wept as I remembered
How often you and I
Had laughed about Los Angeles
And now 'tis here you'll lie.

Here, pickled in formaldehyde
And painted like a whore.
Shrimp pink, incorruptible,
Not lost but gone before.

The cableway to film, here we come (but be careful - don't let your Yerba Mate' do all of the prognosis!)

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